Posted by D.Cleto™ on terça-feira, 18 de novembro de 2008

If you love me, love me little 
Not the cry from above the rooftops 
Let alone the birds 
Let alone to me! 
If I want, 
must be well slowly, Amada, 
that life is short, and love even more soon ...

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Two happy lovers have no end or death, 
born and die as much time as they live, 
are eternal as is the nature.
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Since then, I am because you are 
And since you are 
I am and we are ... 
And for love 
I will be ... ... We will ...
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I just five things .. 
First is love without end 
The second is to see the Fall 
The third is the severe winter 
Fourthly the summer 
The fifth thing is your eyes 
I do not want to sleep with your eyes. 
I do not want to be ... without that I look. 
Spring open hand to continue looking at me.